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About Creative Repipe

We specialize in the repiping of residential and commercial properties. All we do is repipe and we’ve repiped thousands of properties. Because that is all we do, we do it quickly and correctly! Typically, we can install a new plumbing system in a house in just one day. Our name says it all “Creative” because we are experts and get creative at finding ways to avoid having to break tile in bathrooms or kitchens to install the new piping during the repipe. We use only USA made top quality materials. Your home can be repiped in both pex, or copper. We are a specialty company who focuses only on repiping and are set up for volume, and with volume comes savings, we pass the savings on to you the consumer, normally we charge a lot less money than what a plumber would charge to repipe your home, on top of that we send enough people to complete the plumbing portion in just one or two days. Our quotes also include wall patching, wall texturing, and permits as needed. Each completed repipe comes with a lifetime warranty that is also one time transferable to a new owner, at no charge, a great selling point down the road when you go to sell your home. 

Still not convinced you need a repipe?  Click here, why repipe.  

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"If I had my life to live over again, I'd be a plumber."

-Albert Einstein