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Our most frequently asked questions

We recommend PEX as the material to repipe your home. In California most water treatment facilities add an additive to the water called chloramines. It’s a known fact that the chloramines that have been added to the water are eating right through the copper plumbing systems. That is why so many homes with copper plumbing are failing. Due to this, it is not uncommon for us to repipe houses that are less than 10 years old. The fact of the matter is that low grade copper plus the chloramines in the water are the cause. Pex is not affected by the chloramines in the water.

To conduct your own evaluation of your plumbing system click here Why Repipe. 

Pex is the material that we recommend, but there are a variety of Pex plumbing systems out there.  There are several approved brands of Pex in California; but each brand is different, thinner, thicker and with different resistances. There are Pex brands you can buy at home depot, and then there is higher quality Pex that only licensed repipe companies and plumbers can provide. On top of that and perhaps more important, there are 6 different ways to connect Pex piping. These are the different types of connections available; push fitting, expansion fittings, crimp fittings, sliding sleeve fittings, press fittings and compression fittings. As you can see, the world of Pex is very diverse and complex. So just because a company quotes “Pex” as the material to repipe your home, that does not mean it’s the good stuff. In fact if they give no detail of the Pex system, then more than likely it will be one of the Home Depot brands of Pex.      

Call for us for an estimate. When we come out we will bring samples of the materials we use. You will hold in your hands samples of piping, fittings, and connections. At the very least you will learn how to shop and what to look for in a Pex or a Copper system. This way, when the day comes to repipe your home you don’t end up with inferior materials.   

Yes, new ¼ turn shut off valves will be installed for every sink and toilet in the house. We also replace the feed lines for all sinks and toilets. On top of that, we install a new ¼ turn shut off valve at the main were the water enters the house so you can shut your water Off/On easily. Also, a new ¼ turn shut off valve on top of the water heater, so you can shut off the hot water when needed. In addition to that, a new ¼ turn shut off valve for the refrigerator water system will be installed. Furthermore, new ¼ turn shut off valves for the hot and cold water lines for the washing machine. Your home will have all new hose faucets that actually work and will last for years to come.

That is just a small taste of what is included when we repipe a house. There will be a lot more details provided with when you schedule an estimate. Call us to schedule an appointment and we will show you the above mentioned materials and walk you through our complete repipe process.       

Yes, on the day of the repipe we walk in and cover as much as possible. We use plastic to cover floors and furniture.

Yes, we patch and texture all the walls that we opened during the repipe. We do not paint. 

Not a problem. We will discount from the estimate the portion that is for wall patching. For example, on a typical 2 story 3 bathroom house under 2600 Square feet we would deduct <$1400> from the estimate for not patching and texturing the walls.

Yes, we are licensed, bonded, and insured. Here is our contractor’s license number click on it, 986251 it’s a link that will redirect you to our page at the California Contractors Board. You will verify that we carry two types of licenses, a General Contractors License and a C36 Plumbing License. Both are in good standing; and if you scroll down a little more on that same page you will see our bond and workers compensation insurance. Also, in a folder provided to you at time of the estimate this information along with additional liability insurance that we carry will be available to you for your review.      

Because not all repipe companies or plumbers are the same, let us take a look at it. Our name says it all “Creative” because we are experts and get creative at finding ways to avoid having to break tile in bathrooms or kitchens to install the new piping during the repipe. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn we found a way to avoid opening tile.   

Not necessarily, all we ask is that you meet the crew in the morning and do a walkthrough with our foreman. This is to insure we are all on the same page as to how the new pipes will be installed, as well as which walls will be opened. Once the walkthrough is completed, at that point the crew will commence work, you can then choose whether to stay or go.

We are responsible for passing city inspection on the work we’re contracted to perform, and we will make the necessary corrections to pass inspection at no additional charge to you the owner. Now, if the city inspector calls out things that are not up to code that have nothing to do with the repipe contract, such as; windows, electrical, structural, etc. Then at that point it will be the home owners’ responsibility to comply and bring that section to city code as specified by the inspector.

Yes. All of our installed repipes come with a lifetime warranty. The warranty is also one time transferable at no additional charge to a new owner. After the repipe, should you decide to sell your home this will be a great selling point.

When we meet for the estimate, our representative will leave you a folder filled with information. In the folder you will find; information about our repipe company, the materials we use, our warranty, insurance, licenses, how to prepare for the repipe, the repipe process step by step explained, and once installed how to maintain the new plumbing system.