Why repipe?

The picture on the home page of this website represents what can happen when one gets a major slab leak. At first glance the home page picture does not look so menacing; it may look fun or even inviting but make no mistake about it, it is horrible! The picture here (above) is the aftermath of what happens after the water is removed. As shown in this picture everything will have to be removed, the furniture and its contents ruined. The water damaged area is torn down to the studs, and floors down to the concrete. This type of leak takes weeks and sometimes months to dry; plus there is almost always mold to deal with in the aftermath. Apart from all that, this type of damage will of course cost thousands and thousands of dollars to repair.

Why Repipe? Leaks, leaks, and more leaks. If you had a first copper pipe pinhole leak, hold on. It is only the beginning. The chloramines the cities have added to the water in combination with thin “M” copper are the cause. Don’t take our word for it, conduct your own evaluation.

COPPER– Do your pipes have these green marks? Each one is a potential leak now or in the near future. They are the chloramines eating through the copper pipe.

rusted pipes
rusted pipe from LA job
Rusted copper pipes

What Type of Copper Does Your Home Have? “M” type copper is stamped in red lines on the pipe. The life expectancy in CA is about 15 years. Blue stamped pipes are “L” copper, life expectancy in CA is around 25 years. Green stamped pipes are “K” copper, life expectancy in CA is around 50 years. 

Copper pipes
Rusted leaking pipes
PEX pipes

GALVANIZED– Does your home have galvanized pipes that have visible scabs? A scab on the pipe is the last indication, and it means the pipe is rusted from the inside out, and it will burst.

old leaking pipes
Old rusted pipes that need replacement
Old pipes Santa Ana job

Does the water in your home’s fixtures come out brown? This means the pipes are rusted, not healthy. Is the water pressure weak? Do you hate showering because there is no water pressure?  Clogged rusted pipes are the cause for both.

Very rusty pipes
Brown rusty water
repipe Orange County job